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International Indian Chef of the Year Competition

Will recognise the individuals, teams and businesses shaping the hospitality industry at a spectacular awards ceremony on Monday November 12th 2018 at Royal Regency, London
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Showcases excellance in culinary ideas and hospitality businesses globally.

Open, fair and Industry-defining.



Leverage the unique branding and promotional opportunities that the evening offers.

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International Indian Chef of the Year Competition

The 2018 competition introduces an expanded set of award categories which will enable us to recognise the excellent work being done in all areas of the curry and hospitality industry.


Tommy MiahThis unique long-running competition has provided a pathway to success for ambitious cooks since it was founded in 1991 to promote innovation and quality in ethnic cuisine. Expert cooks can earn a world title by cooking their ideal meal- to showcase the excellence of their ideas and practical skills- under the scrutiny of our expert judges.

The International Chef of the Year contest is truly unique.

  • It is unique as it is free to enter.
  • It is unique in being open equally to professional and amateur cooks
  • It is unique in being open equally to men and women.
  • It is unique in accepting entries world-wide from anyone over 18, without  regard to nationality or ethnicity.
  • And, above all, it is unique in that entrants can go from completion of  a straightforward  form to cooking in the final without the stress of  having  to  undergo intervening heats.

Complete List of Winners
Ms Lata Tandon 2018
Mr Milon Miah 2017
Manjula Arumugam 2014
Mr Ashwami Kumar 2013
Mr Kim Barwell 2011
Mr. Muhammad Ali 2010
Mr. Tipu Rahman 2009
Mr. D Vassarama 2008
Mr. P.C. Thakur 2007
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar 2006
Mr. Wasim Aslam 2005
Mr. Kapil Kaushik 2004
Mr. Shyam Longhani 2003
Mr. Sunil Menon 2002
Ms. Veena Verma 2001
Mr. Shamim Syed 2000
Mr. Sunit Malik 1999
Mr. Niall Gordon 1998
Mr. Henry Lobo 1997
Mr. Mohammed Aslam 1996
MS. Nirmala Reddy 1995
Mr. Eugene B Gomes 1994
Ms. Lali Nayar 1993
Mr. Enam Ali 1992